Eneas Mentzel |Sound recording & sound design


Afbeelding van 20181004181917 © Tijl Beddegenoots

© Tijl Beddegenoots

© Tijl Beddegenoots

Dear Son (Teaser)

Dear Son is a short animation film about a family businees specialised in rodent extermination. One day everything gets turned upside down...

My job: Sound design, Foley and Mix

Afbeelding van De Shaq Trailer

De Shaq Trailer

My job: foley artist/sound designer.
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Teaser for the upcoming film: Torpedo.

My job: Boom Operator


Klem tells the story of a random encounter on a train between a former surgeon and a Palestinian refugee.
The two connect and a deep conversation arises between them, changing their lives forever.

Klem is the debut film of Ish Aït Hamou. Produced by één (VRT) and Potemkino

My job: Production Sound Mixer / Sound Design and editing / ADR editing and Foley


Short body horror film by Jasper Vrancken. Production by Skladanowsky.
My job: Production Sound Mixer

Quality Time

Quality Time, a short film about partner violence. Directed by Kevin Hoed and produced by Skladanowsky

My job: Production Sound Mixer / Sound Editor & Designer / Foley and Mix


SOMER is the first motion picture of the social cultural organisation Victoria Deluxe.

Supported by co-producer Potemkino, a group of 50 cast and crew members stay for a month on a campsite near the Belgian coast. Ten months later the film is shown at the Sphinx Cinema in Ghent. An unpredictable adventure.

My job: Production Sound Mixer / Dialogue Editing / Sound Design & Editing / Foley / ADR / Mix


Feature film about landtheft in Uganda.

My job: Sound Design / Foley / Editing and mix

To Start a New Life

The life of a Georgian political refugee in Belgium turns into a modern-day Greek tragedy.

My job: Production Sound Mixer /Sound Editing & Design / Mix

The Lost Voice

Winner of DIFF 2013 (Dubai International Film Festival) category ‘Best Arab Short’.

My job: Boom Operator Sahara division.

Ei (Egg)

A young girl finds a strange egg in the woods and takes it home...

My job: Sound Design & Editing / Foley and Mix